The Russian town Saint Petersburg is also known as Russia's cultural capital, the Northern
capital of Russia, the Northern Palmyra, the Venice of the North...
but once you might call the city also the Capital of Tramways.

Saint Petersburg once had the most extensive network of tramways in the world
(even mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records). But now the network is being rapidly destroyed by
municipality, only 2006 fall was more than 20 kms of tracks. The present track length is under 230 kms (unduplicated), fleet went down to less than 1,000 cars and goes down constantly. About 10 kms of remaining tracks is not operated, about 30% of the network has symbolic route operating frequences (30 mins and more). In any word, once the largest system in the world is being rapidly destroyed in favor of car traffic. The present "length" capital is Milano, then Melbourne. Saint Petersburg is either No. 5 or No. 6, and if the trend remains (new withdrawals are suggested), next year it will fall down to second dozen.

With many thanks to: "Petersburgers - for Public Transporting" Society
(a very big site about the current situation, unfortunately only in Russian)

In this website we shall give information about the tramways in Saint Petersburg, just follow the links below.
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